Call Center Property

Twin City Plaza, Monroe, LA            


Leased Premises:

Plug-and-play call center space located in a mixed use center with ample parking

  • 1162 Oliver Road, Suite 9, Monroe, La  71201

  •  totaling approximately 12,600 square feet of ground floor area

  •  finished out and move in ready

  • with an additional 22,000 s.f in an adjacent space available to tenant by constructing a new cased opening.


P.O. Box 6058
Monroe, Louisiana 71211-6058


5 years

Rent per month:

$ 8.50 p.s.f.

Condition of Premises:    

Excellent Condition
  • Currently a government state employment office. 
  • Set up for multiple computers, easily adapted to a call center.
  • Features some individual offices and mostly open area for cubicles.
  • Large break room
  • Large restroom facilities. 

Real Estate

Tenant shall pay Landlord its pro rata share of Real Estate Taxes upon proof of payment by Landlord.  The Tenant’s pro rata share of real estate taxes shall be calculated by dividing Tenant’s ground floor area by the total square footage of all floors of all leasable area in the shopping center as defined.  Tax estimated at $.17 per square foot for 2017.

Common Area  Maintenance: 

Tenant shall pay toward Common Area Maintenance  based on pro-rata share of current expenses estimated at $.46 per square foot for 2017.


By and at the expense of Landlord, subject to reimbursement by Tenant. Tenant agrees to pay its pro rata share of hazard, fire, and extended coverage insurance based on the same pro-ration formula as real estate taxes above.  Insurance estimated at $.20 per square foot for 2017.

Commencement Date & Beginning of Rental:

When office opens to public



Repairs and Maintenance:

Landlord shall be responsible for the structural maintenance described as  the roof, load bearing walls, floor slabs, column, steel joists, both  exposed and unexposed gutters, down spouts, and exterior walls. Tenant shall be responsible but not limited to plate glass replacements, painting, decorating together with non-structural maintenance including the HVAC system serving the premises, flooring, wood partitions and doors, interior walls, windows, electrical wires and lines, plumbing, gas, water and sewerage facilities, and all interior building appliances and similar equipment and receive warranty where applicable. 


Paid by Tenant; metered separately


Tenant shall be allowed a sign based on Landlord’s sign criteria.


Tenant improvement allowance will be based on build out and rental amount adjusted accordingly. 

Security Deposit: 

One month’s rent