Strategic Location

Within a day's drive, businesses in North Louisiana can access more than 41.3 million consumers in some of America's largest markets, including Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, and Little Rock, AR.

North Louisiana's Strategic Location Allows Businesses to Reach Their Customers

Since even before the Louisiana Purchase, our region's strategic location has been integral to our success. Historically, our region served as a prominent launching point for expansion-minded settlers heading west and a vibrant agricultural powerhouse where commodities were collected and sent via the Red and Ouachita Rivers to market. Today, North Louisiana continues to act as a strategic distribution hub for the entire South.
Situated in the south central United States, North Louisiana is within a day’s travel time to some of the largest markets with 41.3 million consumers. The region is connected nationally and globally by a multimodal system of Class 1 Rail, interstates and federal highways, two regional airports, and four ports.

Markets Within a Day's Travel Time


Truck drivers can only drive 11 hours a day. If they average 60 mph, they would be able to travel 660 miles in a 24-hour period.

City Shreveport Monroe
Alexandria, LA 124 95
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 190 287
Lafayette, LA 212 184
Little Rock, AR 212 184
Lake Charles, LA 219 193
Jackson, MS 221 120
Houston, TX 245 342
Baton Rouge, LA 261 186
Austin, TX 316 416
New Orleans, LA 341 282
Tulsa, OK 341 443
Memphis, TN 345 326
Oklahoma City, OK 380 482
Mobile, AL 399 302
San Antonio, TX 407 507
Birmingham, AL 453 354
Corpus Christi, TX 461 354
Witchita, KS 516 618
Kansas City, KS 544 605
Nashville, TN 559 533
Atlanta, GA 597 499
St. Louis, MO 612 609



"Being situated in North Louisiana has been a great logistical advantage for us in terms of distribution. We can easily deliver our products to the entire South Central region of the country within a day.
The region offers a very business friendly environment with reasonable costs of doing business and a quality of life that makes North Louisiana a superior choice for business expansion and relocation."
--Ian McElroy, President of McElroy Metal