Workforce Productivity
The workforce in North Louisiana is second to none. Local employers point to the impressive productivity, high retention rate, strong work ethic and company loyalty demonstrated by their workers.

North Louisiana Workforce: Productive, Loyal, Strong Work Ethic

North Louisiana's workers are unmatched in their productivity, high retention rate, strong work ethic and willingness to help their employers succeed. A 2019 Gallup Report, "State of the American Workplace" shows Louisiana workers are the most engaged workers in the nation. Engaged workers show more enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to help their employees succeed. They drive the innovation, growth, and profitability for their employers.   
Companies based in North Louisiana often credit much of their success to their eager and skilled employees. A stable workforce - experienced in manufacturing processes - provides the continuity that companies need to maintain the quality of their goods and services. Additional workforce training and marketing resources ensure our workers are job ready.

Employer Testimonials 


Monroe, Louisiana

CenturyLink started off as a small rural phone company in Oak Ridge, Louisiana back in the 1930s. The company grew into the third largest telecommunication company in the nation, deriving much of its success from the values of the community that nurtured it. The telecommunications giant continues to be based in North Louisiana, where the values of the people and the community remain the bedrock of the company's success.
"Our biggest asset is the people. There's a work ethic here. There's a notion of working with an organization for the long term. The employees at CenturyLink really do believe in the company and our corporate values, and those values are represented in the broader community of Monroe, La." 
Stacey Goff, Senior Vice President & Legal Counsel


Shreveport, Louisiana
After an extensive evaluation process which involved several states, Australian based Pratt Industries ultimately chose Shreveport-Bossier, La. as the location for its $160 million recycled paper mill and material recovery facility.  One of the deciding factors that tipped the company's decision toward North Louisiana is the workforce.
"The quality of the workforce here in North Louisiana is outstanding. They're hardworking, productive and familiar with heavy manufacturing processes.  In just six months, our workforce of 120 employees has already reached its production milestones."    
Ed Kersey, Operations Manager



Monroe, Louisiana
The decision should have been a "no-brainer." When Gardner Denver Thomas was faced with the difficult decision of closing one of its 
North American plants, simple logic would have dictated shutting down its smaller facility in Monroe, Louisiana.  However, a coalition of state, regional and local leaders rallied together to change the company's mind. 
"The reason why Gardner Denver Thomas decided to close our larger Sheboygan, Wisconsin plant and expand in North Louisiana was because of the people.  I've never met more change-driven and committed workers.  Their attitudes, efforts and energy convinced the leadership to consolidate operations in North Louisiana so the entire Gardner Denver Thomas enterprise can benefit from the positive atmosphere and culture." 
Rick Swoboda, former North American Director of Manufacturing 



Shreveport, Louisiana
Frymaster, a world leading manufacturer of commercial deep fat fryers for the food service industry, is based in 
Shreveport, Louisiana. Frymaster employs over 600 workers who operate two manufacturing facilities. 
"One of the factors critical to the success of Frymaster is our loyal, effective, and productive workforce. Our employees on average have been with the company for 15 years. The stability of our well-trained workforce allows us to establish long-term relationships with customers and suppliers and be very effective in what we do. Louisiana is a right-to-work state, and workers are amenable to working in a nonunion environment.  

David Mosteller, General Manager