Regional Profiles
The composite skyline (above) of various communities in North Louisiana exemplifies the diversity found in our region. Connected by interstates 20 and 49 and the Red and the Ouachita Rivers, North Louisiana supports big metropolitan areas, smaller towns and rural communities.

North Louisiana: A Region of Contrasts

From bustling metropolitan areas to smaller, rural communities and wide open spaces, North Louisiana is a region of diversity and contrast.  Each of the 14 North Louisiana parishes served by North Louisiana Economic Partnership (NLEP) offers unique opportunities and possibilities for companies and residents.  Connected by the I-20 and I-49 corridors and  the Red and Ouachita Rivers, this region with over 806,000 residents is bound by economic ties and a common goal to pursue economic development.  

North Louisiana: More Than The Sum of Its Parts

Whether you are seeking information on the entire region or a specific part of its geography, this interactive map can help you access profile information and contacts in every parish. Learn more about the people, assets, infrastructure and communities within our region: