Claiborne Parish Profile
Claiborne Parish is rich in history and tradition. The current brick courthouse, built in the Greek Revival style of architecture, is one of only four pre-Civil War courthouses in Louisiana still in use. The building is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Claiborne Parish Offers Many Possibilities

Known as the "Banner Parish" of North Louisiana, Claiborne Parish covers 755 sq. miles of land in North Central Louisiana. The parish boasts a 2019 estimated population of 15,716 residents,  earning a median household income of $28,625. With easy access to interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 79, businesses will find an eager and qualified civilian labor force of 5,849 workers (August 2019), three industrial parks in Homer, Haynesville and Claiborne Parish, and access to rail and air service.

Communities in Claiborne Parish offer small town charm and a relaxed qualify of life, while still within easy reach of two major metropolitan hubs- Shreveport-Bossier to the west and Monroe-West Monroe to the east. Claiborne Parish is nestled amongst the most scenic hill country in Louisiana. Beautiful flowering plants and trees or colorful autumn foliage greet visitors. Extensive forests, fields, streams, Corney Lake, and Lake Claiborne create a sportsman's haven. 

Claiborne Communities
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Tax Structure: Cost of Doing Business 


Claiborne Parish Communities

• Athens • Junction City
• Haynesville • Lisbon
• Homer-Parish Seat • Summerfiel



Claiborne’s Population Demographics

  2010 Census  2019 Estimate 2024 Estimate
  Population 17,195 15,716 15,277
  Households 6,017 5,504 5,349
  Median Age (2019) 40.7
  5-Year Population Growth Projection (2024) (2.79%)
Race (2019 Estimate)
  White 45.39%
  African American 51.47%
  American Indian or Alaska Native 0.53%
  Asian .55%
  Other 2.06%
Income (2019 Estimate)
  Median Household Income $28,625
  Average Household Income $42,233
Educational Attainment (2019 Estimate)
  Some High School, No Diploma 15.25%
  High School Graduate 39.97%
  Some College or Associate Degree 24.84%
  Bachelor's Degree 8.74%
  Master's, Professional or Doctorate
Average Weekly Wage (Q1 2019)
  Average Weekly Wage $735
Source: Nielsen Segementation & Market Solutions, Pop-Fact Demographics 2019; Louisiana Workforce Commission


Claiborne Parish Transportation Infrastructure

Major Interstates

      Interstate 20

Major Highways

      US 79
  • Red River Port - 63.1 miles
  • Port of Shreveport Bossier - 63.9 miles
  • Port of Natchitoches - 85.3 miles
  • Greater Ouachita Port - 65.1 mile
  • Louisiana & North West Railroad (LNW)
  • Homer Municipal Airport - 2 miles
  • Shreveport Regional Airport - 55.6 miles



Tax Structure: Cost of Doing Business


State Corporate Income Tax
  • 4% on the first $25,000 of net income
  • 5% on the next $25,000
  • 6% on the next $50,000
  • 7% on the next $100,000
  • 8% on the excess of $200,000
  • Louisiana uses single sales factor
State Corporate Franchise Tax
  • $1.50 per $1,000 or major fraction thereof up to $300,000
  • $3.00 per $1,000 or major fraction thereof in excess of $300,000
  • The initial corporation franchise tax is $110
Unemployment Insurance Tax
  • The 2017 wage base is $7,700
  • Standard rate range is .10% - 6.2%
  • Rate for new employers is the average rate for the particular industry
  • Maximum unemployment weekly benefit is 1/2 of the claimant's previous wage earnings for 26 weeks
2018 Parishwide Millage (Property Tax) Rate

83.3 mills*

Total Sales Taxes in Unincorporated Claiborne Parish


Total Sales Taxes in Haynesville


Total Sales Taxes in Homer


Total Sales Taxes in Junction City


Total Sales Taxes in Athens

* To calculate property tax, multiply the assessed value of the property by the appropriate millage rate. The assessed value is the fair market value of the property times 10% for real property or 15% for personal property.
** Sales taxes include a 5% state tax along with a local portion

Homer, LA

The Town of Homer acts as the present day parish seat of Claiborne Parish. Named after the Greek poet, Homer boosts a population of 4,500 residents. 
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