Webster Parish Profile
Webster Parish was formally created in 1871 in the piney woods of northwest Louisiana. The parish seat was established in Minden, the largest community in Webster. With its historic downtown, quaint storefronts and brick streets, Minden represents the charm you'll find in Webster Parish communities.

Webster Parish: Committed to Progress 

One of northwest Louisiana’s most promising parishes, Webster offers new and relocating businesses a rare combination of a business-friendly atmosphere, a great infrastructure, an enviable quality of life and state and federal incentives.

Webster Parish covers 593 sq. miles and is conveniently accessible on interstate 20.  The Parish supports an estimated 2019 population of 38,893 residents, who earn a median household income of $33,606. The civilian labor force of 14,375 is employed primarily in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and retail services sectors. Unemployment in Webster Parish stands at 6.4% (August 2019).

Three major industrial facilities: Camp Minden, North Webster Industrial District and South Webster Industrial Park provide ample space and infrastructure to businesses looking for sustainable advantages.

  • Camp Minden- a former ammunition plant, is now used for military training and houses a growing industrial community. The facility offers high security; site-owned electric; sewer and telecommunications; rail; more than 100 miles of roads; and within close proximity to interstate.
  • North Webster Industrial District- a 160-acre industrial park just 28 miles north of I-20 and adjacent to Kansas City Southern rail lines with a rail spur and loading dock on-site. Electricity, natural gas, park-owned water and sewer, and telecommunications service are available.
  • South Webster Industrial Park- conveniently located just 1.5 miles from I-20 on U.S. Highway 371, this industrial park boasts a three-lane road and railroads. The park has electric, water, sewer, natural gas and telecommunications.

Webster Parish Communities
Webster Parish Demographics
Webster Parish Workplace Statistics
Webster Parish Transportation Infrastructure
Tax Structure: Cost of Business


Webster Parish Communities

•  Cotton Valley •  Minden-Parish Seat 
•  Cullen •  Sarepta
•  Dixie Inn •  Shongaloo
•  Doyline •  Sibley
•  Dubberly •  Springhill
•  Heflin  


Webster Parish Population Demographics

  2010 Census  2019 Estimate 2024 Estimate
  Population 41,207 38,893 38,193
  Households 16,537 15,811 15,599
  Median Age (2019) 41.07
  5-Year Population Growth Projection (2024) (1.80%)
Race (2019 Estimate)
  White 62.86%
  African American 34.19%
  American Indian or Alaska Native 0.57%
  Asian 0.43%
  Other 1.96%
Income (2019 Estimate)
  Median Household Income $33,606
  Average Household Income $48,558
Educational Attainment (2019 Estimate)
  Some High School, No Diploma 14.18%
  High School Graduate 41.21%
  Some College or Associate Degree 26.06%
  Bachelor's Degree 10.47%
  Master's, Professional or Doctorate
Average Weekly Wage (Q1 2019)
  Average Weekly Wage $737
Source: Nielsen Segementation & Market Solutions, Pop-Fact Demographics 2019; Louisiana Workforce Commission

Webster Parish Transportation Infrastructure

Major Interstates     Interstate 20
Major Highways     US 79, US 80, US 371, LA 2
  • Red River Port - 43 miles
  • Port of Shreveport Bossier - 45 miles
  • Port of Natchitoches - 66 miles
  • Greater Ouachita Port - 71.8 miles
Class 1 Railroads
  • Kansas City Railroad (KCS)
  • Midsouth Rail(Operated by KCS)
  • Louisiana & North West Railroad (LNW)
  • Shreveport Regional Airport - 36 miles
  • Minden-Webster Airport - 2 miles
  • Springhill Airport - 36 miles
*Based on distance from parish seat
**All North Louisiana Ports are connected to deepwater ports.

Tax Structure: Cost of Doing Business

State Corporate Income Tax

  • 4% on the first $25,000 of net income
  • 5% on the next $25,000
  • 6% on the next $50,000
  • 7% on the next $100,000
  • 8% on the excess of $200,000
  • Louisiana uses single sales factor

State Corporate Franchise Tax

  • $1.50 per $1,000 or major fraction thereof up to $300,000
  • $3.00 per $1,000 or major fraction thereof in excess of $300,000
  • The initial corporation franchise tax is $110

Unemployment Insurance Tax

  • The 2017 wage base is $7,700
  • Standard rate range is .10% - 6.2%
  • Rate for new employers is the average rate for the particular industry
  • Maximum unemployment weekly benefit is 1/2 of the claimant's previuous wage earnings for 26 weeks

2018 Parishwide Millage (Property Tax) Rate


Total Sales Taxes in Unincorporated Webster Parish

Outside School Dist. #6 - 7.45%**

Inside School Dist. #6 - 7.95%

Total Sales Taxes in Cotton Valley


Total Sales Taxes in Sibley


Total Sales Taxes in Dixie Inn

Outside School Dist. #6 - 9.45%

Inside School Dist. #6 - 9.95%

Total Sales Taxes in Springhill


Total Sales Taxes in Minden


Total Sales Taxes in Minden EDD

Minden EDD #1 - 11.95%
Minden EDD #2 - 11.95%
Minden EDD #3 - 11.95%
Minden EDD #4 - 11.95%

Total Sales Taxes in Cullen


Total Sales Taxes in Serepta


Total Sales Taxes in Doyline


* To calculate property tax, multiply the assessed value of the property by the appropriate millage rate. The assessed value is the fair market value of the property times 10% for real property or 15% for personal property.

** Sales taxes include a 5% state tax along with a local portion

Minden, LA

The iconic image of the Minden water tower reminds residents of the past and present glory of the largest community in Webster Parish. 
Minden, LA is known for its historic downtown with brick streets, antiques shops, and quaint restaurants.
Nearby, the beautiful historic residential district features more than 70 historic properties within walking distance of downtown, many on the National Register of Historic Places.