Transportation & Logistics
North Louisiana's multimodal transportation system of interstates and highways, Class 1 rail, ports, and airports provides global access with significant cost savings.

North Louisiana’s Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Offers Access to the World

Connected nationally and globally by a multimodal transportation infrastructure, companies looking for transportation and logistical advantages will find real savings and accessibility in North Louisiana. North Louisiana’s central location in southeastern U.S, system of interstates and federal highways, Class 1 rail, airports and four ports make the region a leader in logistics.

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Transportation Map

Intermodal & Multimodal Logistics


North Louisiana's north-south and east-west interstates and highways connect your business to the rest of the world- all at a lower cost than many regions.  Many area trucking companies offer competitive costs to ship your products to more than 41.3 million customers in some of America's largest markets.


The Louisiana port system is comprised of both deep water and shallow water ports, forming one of the largest port systems in the world. North Louisiana's four ports can access to deep water within 4-6 days and offer intermodal capabilities:


Class 1 Railroads and numerous short track railways can access many area ports and industrial sites to offer intermodal capabilities.  All six of the major railroads converge in Louisiana.


You're just one connection to the world! Our commercial service airports offer direct flights to major U.S. cities and hubs with connections worldwide.  North Louisiana has two primary commercial service airports and numerous general aviation airports that provide passenger and air freight service.


"LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is a huge advantage for our company. 
In North Louisiana, you have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Interstate 20 and Interstate 49, a well-trained labor pool, and competitive utilities and business costs. 
Being located in North Louisiana has helped our business grow." 
--Bob Hamilton, President/CEO Advanced Injection Molding