Certified Properties

Certified sites offer prospective companies a host of advantages, including the opportunity to move quickly to the construction phase. Properties certified through Louisiana Economic Development Certified Sites Program have meet strict standards and are considered project ready.

Louisiana Economic Development Certified Sites in North Louisiana

North Louisiana offers 4,300 acres of certified sites - ready for development. In today's fast paced business environment, certified sites allow companies to fast-track their project by providing assurance the property holds no surprises that could delay development. A Louisiana Economic Development (LED) Certified Sites property is a project-ready industrial site that has completed a rigorous review process by Louisiana Economic Development and URS, an independent, third-party engineering firm.

Specific site details, such as zoning restrictions, title work, Phase I Environmental Assessments, geotechnical surveys and cultural resources surveys are reviewed for compliance and authenticity. The LED Certified Sites program provides prospective companies a peace of mind that the site is project-ready.

North Louisiana offers some of the largest certified sites in the state. Check out these certified properties.

LED Certified Sites

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