Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance


When Top Companies choose to locate at the Top of Louisiana, our recruitment and relocation services can smooth the transition for key employees and their families. North Louisiana Economic Partnership's Top Skills Workforce Program offers tools and support to make this transition seamlessly. Depending on the scope of an employer’s need for relocation assistance, NLEP can work with local and state partners to develop customized relocation assistance services.

Online Place Marketing Tools

Help your employees and potential recruits explore all that North Louisiana has to offer.  The following websites give families a taste of the Top of Louisiana.
These quality of life websites were developed by the State of Louisiana to give newcomers and potential recruits a first impression of our region and communities. Topics cover all the main areas of interest for those considering relocation, including K-12 and higher education, healthcare, neighborhoods and housing, cost of living, and how to spend your leisure time.

Spouse Employment Support

For many potential recruits, the decision to relocate is a family decision. Whether trailing spouses can find jobs in their career fields plays a major factor in the decision to relocate to North Louisiana. The Top of Louisiana offers support services for trailing spouses to help them find positions in their career of choice. 

North Louisiana Economic Partnership works with organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapters in the region to help disseminate trailing spouse resumes for newly relocated employees. Other resources to assist trailing spouses include:

LED FastStart®

For qualifying employers, FastStart®, the nation's no. 1 customized workforce recruitment and training program, can provide employee assessments. 
FastStart® can determine the competencies and behaviors that match the cultural and technical abilities that will help define the most successful employee. The program uses a variety of tools and strategies to identify and recruit the best candidates from around the country. FastStart® can also offer relocation services for existing employees.