Key Industries

Key Industries in North Louisiana

After studying regional assets, employers, and the talent pool, a strategic plan was developed to guide quality economic development objectives and strategies. NLEP heavily focuses efforts and resources on three main target industries that show favorable growth and prosperity in North Louisiana. Within each industry, specific sectors play to the region’s strengths and competitive advantages.


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Sheena Bryant, CEcD

Business Development Strategy Vice President

Manufacturing in North Louisiana

  • Industry Leaders in Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Success Stories
  • Industry-Specific Incentives

Distribution & Transportation in North Louisiana

  • Top Employers in Distribution & Transportation
  • Distribution & Transportation Success Stories
  • Industry-Specific Incentives
Inside a distribution warehouse with industrial shelving with crates of goods.

Information Technology (IT) & Professional Services in North Louisiana

  • Top Employers in IT & Professional Services
  • IT & Professional Services Success Stories
  • Industry-Specific Incentives