Why North Louisiana

Thrive in the heart of the South

North Louisiana’s advantage lies in its diverse economy, strategic assets for businesses, and high-quality living. Key sectors such as manufacturing, professional services, , agribusiness/forestry, distribution and healthcare drive economic vibrancy. Incentives and dedicated business support, alongside a talent pool enriched by top-tier training programs, position the region as a prime choice for business operations. Coupled with its natural beauty and affordability, North Louisiana stands out as an ideal relocation destination for businesses and families seeking a thriving future.


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Sheena Bryant, CEcD

Business Development Strategy Vice President

Your gateway to the South and Midwest

North Louisiana’s strategic location provides seamless connectivity via Shreveport Regional Airport, Monroe Regional Airport, I-20, and I-49. The Port of Caddo-Bossier and key rail lines by Union Pacific and CPKC further enhance its logistical infrastructure. This combination of modern infrastructure and accessible transport options positions North Louisiana as an ideal base for businesses targeting growth in the South and Midwest. These logistical advantages translate into business efficiencies, with faster market access and cost savings that can give companies a competitive edge.

Access a skilled and specialized workforce

With a population of 576,218 in NLEP’s 11-parish region, North Louisiana offers access to a diverse talent pool drawn from North Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas, further enhanced by the skilled veterans from Barksdale Air Force Base. Specializing in healthcare, manufacturing and engineering-related training, and information technology, the workforce benefits from the presence of 10 Louisiana colleges and universities and Louisiana’s nationally acclaimed customized workforce training program, LED FastStart, ranking at the top nationwide for over a decade. This synergy of specialized skills and top-tier training yields a competitive advantage, providing businesses with a capable and ready workforce for industry success.

Northwest Louisiana has been essential to the success of Metro Aviation for two primary reasons; the work ethic of the Northwest Louisiana workforce and the low overhead cost of running a business in Northwest Louisiana. Our primary competitors are based in Denver, Dallas, and Philadelphia. We have an advantage over these competitors primarily due to these two factors.

Portrait photo of Kenny Morrow

Kenny Morrow

Chief Operating Officer
Metro Aviation
Headquarters to the largest air medical transport operations in the U.S.

Educational excellence fueling industry in North Louisiana

North Louisiana’s education and training landscape is a cornerstone of its economic strength, with a wealth of universities like Louisiana Tech and HBCU Grambling State University producing a continuous flow of graduates in high-demand fields such as engineering and computer science. These institutions partner with industries to provide specialized programs that directly benefit businesses, supported by programs like LED FastStart for custom workforce training. Innovation thrives within university research hubs, fueling entrepreneurial growth and offering companies access to cutting-edge knowledge and collaborative opportunities with entities such as Global Strike Command, one of the ten Major Commands in the US Air Force.

A hub for growth and opportunity

North Louisiana’s economy is dynamic and growing, boasting higher median household incomes and stronger GDP growth than the state average. The region is accessible to around 84 million consumers and over 20 major markets within a one-day drive. With low unemployment, low unionization and a strategic position near Dallas-Ft. Worth, the region taps into broad consumer markets and business opportunities, offering fertile ground for new and expanding enterprises.

Top Employers

A diversified economy driven by key sectors

North Louisiana is home to a diverse array of industries. The region excels in manufacturing, ranging from traditional industries to advanced technology production.  The burgeoning IT and professional services sectors enhance the area’s digital landscape, while robust logistics and transportation networks support commerce across the board. The aerospace industry, advanced material manufacturing, machine manufacturing, food product manufacturing, and forestry industries have vast potential for expansion that is supported by ample infrastructure and an adept workforce.  North Louisiana is a hub for comprehensive business growth and industrial innovation.

We’re ready for your business

North Louisiana’s business climate is enhanced by a suite of tailored incentives, including tax benefits and competitive property tax abatement, aimed at fostering company growth and development. The state’s expedited permitting enables speed to market, while over 3,000 acres of development-ready sites ensure businesses can hit the ground running. NLEP’s concierge service provides personalized support, assisting companies through every step of relocation or expansion, reinforcing North Louisiana’s commitment to being a partner in business success.

NLEP has been instrumental in supporting SLB as we work to establish our newest manufacturing technology center in Shreveport. Their support for everything from site selection, negotiating for state and local benefits, and even recruiting has been outstanding. They have made a sincere effort to ensure that our business was not only welcomed, but that it will also become an important part of the community. We look forward to our continued collaboration with NLEP, as our business grows in Shreveport.

Kevin Carkson

Kevin Carlson

Shreveport Technology Center Manager
A global technology firm with operations in over 120 countries